Monday, November 17, 2008


What's that you say? What have we been up to? I am sure that you are thinking," I wonder what Landon and Dana are up to?" for a majority of your day... RIGHT??!! I thought so. Well, this is what we have been up to................

We went to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Worth a stop. Stanton and Carly (Brock, Claudia, and Estelle) all came to visit for the weekend.. yeah we got them all to ourselves and LOVED seeing them. Thanks for coming to visit us!

I inherited the piano that i grew up with... that had to have some serious work done on because we TRASHED it as kids! What? Here is the newest little player (Emrie, Noelle's little gal). What a cutie and already has some serious talent. :) I can't even tell you how excited i was to get this... a total dream come true. Mom and dad, i couldn't say thank you enough.

It was my honey buney's birthday! Happy 27th ya old man! This was his gift... and has he used it yet? Of course not, but he sure is proud of it. I sure love Landon... he's the best.

We went on a fall drive. Landon loves to go on drives and i just get car sick, but i agreed to this and it was great! So pretty. I LOVE fall and couldn't pass up seeing the colors.. so beautiful.

We went to Gardener's Village which i highly recommend! My whole family came down to visit to celebrate my little genius brothers graduation (way to go COLE! yipee) and we went and then Ashley and Kinsey came a few weeks later. Seriously, next time you drive through SLC take a pit stop, so great. I mean who can pass up a petting zoo and pony rides? I sure can't.... giddy up!

A little duckie came to vistit! Isn't she adorable.... that little smiley face. I did a little dressing up myself... i am Pebbles.... bone in hair and all. The gals i work with were feeling a little bit of the holiday spirit also. Princess Leia (sp??so not a star wars type of gal) and Daphne don't get better than that.

And finally, we have been working on the house. We got some rocks raked up, dirt leveled out, and trees planted. YEAH! I think that we are about done... don't you??? right. But, on the up side.. we love our new neighborhood and home! Come and visit any time you want! Mi casa su casa (didn't take spanish in HS).

Again, sorry i was MIA for so long. We LOVE having the internet back...i feel connected again and it sure is nice!

Friday, November 14, 2008

We have risen from the dead!

Seriously.... how long could i really not post for?? Sheeesh. Well, an awesome post is on the way sometime soon.... promise. We just got the internet at our house after 2 really long months without it. Try it... so not fun. So give me a day or two and check back!