Wednesday, April 28, 2010

4 months have gone by...

...since this little one decided to join us! Seriously..... WAY TO FAST. There are days and phases (like today when he wouldn't take good naps and i had to be a binki slave) where i wish time would go a little faster, but for the most part (like today when i was looking at his newborn pictures) where i just want my little baby back! I really wouldn't go back though because he is getting so dang fun! His smiles, giggles, and new discoveries make him the perfect everyday playmate.
Some milestones he has reached lately:
Playing with his toes
Rolling all over the place
Grabbing toys and putting them in his mouth
Sleeping through the night.... sometimes. UGGGG
He loves so sit and stand up. He won't really play lying down anymore without yelling... silly boy
He is eating solids! Any tips on how to help them learn to swallow? He doesn't mind the taste, just can't quite figure the whole swallowing part out.
Oh, and he sleeps without being totally swaddled anymore. So now he sleeps with both arms being his head with the binki in the fold of his arm. :) He still wakes up when he gets out of the body swaddle. I'm SO over it. He is about to be robbed of ANY blanket,

And, he is in the 20% for weight and 80%for height.

Looks pretty comfy.

Cereal banana face.

LOVES his jeep. When he gets tired he just lays his little head on the horn.

Oh, and we just got this baby carrier for hiking in the summer. Can't wait! He obviously doesn't mind. Man, what a cutie.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Blogging is so overwhelming for me for some reason. Probably because i am lazy at it and get really behind and then have a gazillion things to blog about and i avoid it like no other even though i know there are grandparents dying to see their little baby Daxton! Isn't it funny... once you have kids, as the parents you become totally forgotten! Okay by me. Daxton is way cuter anyway.
We spent Easter at my parents house in Twin Falls. Daxton spent a majority of the weekend wearing the bunny ears. He doesn't have to much of an opinion yet so we are taking advantage of him wearing ridiculous things. It's great.

His easter diddy's. Funny face..... it's the best one i could get. He is super smiley but once the camera comes out he can't focus on smiling..... too many things at once i guess.

He is getting so big and strong that we busted out some new toys this week! The Johnny Jump Up... which he mostly just sucks on the side, not jump. And.....

the Jeep Liberty Renegade! Are those not the cutest legs ever! They don't even touch the ground, just dangle in the air. His little toes touch if he tries REAL hard. He LOVES these new toys though... just squeals with excitement that we don't make him stare at the playmat star anymore. :) He is starting to roll both ways and really play with toys now. And.... slobber more, spit up more, and poop more. I guess the good comes with the bad.

Being a mom is making we try all sorts of new things, now that i have time. Kathryn, a great friend, helped me make some seriously delicious stawberry freezer jam. I didn't realize how easy it is! Turns out i am not such a good mathmatician (or speller??) and we ended up with jam coming out our ears and still tons of strawberries left. This is just my half... Lauren took this much home too. Oops. Good thing it's yummy.

Well that's about all that is going on around here. Just the same ol, same ol.