Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 months

It's true... it really has been 7 months (and a week) since this wild little man came home with us. Hard to believe! He is getting to be soooooo much fun, I almost can't stand it! Here are some things he has been up to lately:

Crawling.... we are just about there.
He loves to give me kisses... well it is more like he just sucks on my face, but still very sweet.
Just yesterday he pulled himself up on his knees and the stood up!
Loves to yell yayayayayayayayaya... ALL. DAY. Sometimes it is dada.
Still taking 3 naps and sleeping about 10-11 hours at night.
Love his binki.
LOVES his daddy and reaches for him when he is around.
Loves to pound on the piano.
Loves going on walks.
AND so much more.....

Just loungin at Cabelas.

Doesn't he look SO BIG here?

Yeah, we had to lower his crib. He can't do it all by himself yet, but he could end up on the floor anyday! Eeks.

We just love our little man.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's about time

We had such a fun little vactation for the 4th of July! We went on a little road trip to New Mexico and to the cabin near Durango, Co. We love spending time there and with Landon's family. I have the BEST inlaws and it is so much fun being at the cabin for the 4th. Here are some of our festivities:

About every other year we hit up the good ol' Bar D. I have been numerous times and you would think it would get old.... but it doesn't! I love listening to the old cowboy tunes and drinking out of a tin cup. We also take the train ride around the park every time... never gets old. This year we sat in the front and Brock got to ring the bell, so monumental for him.

Brock has such a cute little imagination. He insisted on a 4th of July parade so we loaded all the kids in the wagon and marched around the cabin a couple of times while Stanton (Landon's older brother) seranaded us with God Bless America and the National Anthem.

I have a video of the next picture, but it is really long. Daxton, as mentioned numerous times before, loves his jeep and walks everywhere it in. Taylor on the other hand has a rope on the front of his walker so the other kids can pull it around! He's kinda tubby and won't do it on his own... little precious. So we tied the rope to Daxton and got lots of laughs out of it!

Daxton's first fireworks!!! They have fireworks over Vallecito Lake so we all headed over to camp out. It was so late and Daxton won't sleep in my arms.... EVER.... so i was just going to rough it with a way tired baby. Well, it was nothing short of a miracle but, he totally feel asleep in my arms watching fireworks! He is such a busy body and never wants to miss out on anything, but i guess he just threw in the towel. Ok by me!

4 Generation: Grandpa Bryant, Landon, Papa Gregg, and Daxton. They are all so wonderful and i can only hope that Daxton will grow up to be like them.

Daxton's first top dip in the stream where we like to hand out and fish. SO COLD. I wouldn't even put my feet in, but he seemed to like it... not really, but i thought he should at least have the experience.

These little boys are sooo precious. They are only about 3 weeks apart and could not be more different. Daxton is little Mr. Indepentant, wiggle worm, busy body, aggressive, never wants to miss anything type of little boy. He wears me out all ready. Whewww. Taylor on the other hand is exactly opposite of that. So sweet, cuddly, calm, cool, and delightfuly rollypollychubby. It is just amazing that at such a young age they already have such distinct personalities. Here are some pictures of them... they are SO cute. For some reason Daxton loves to be in Taylor's personal space..... like i said, a little aggresive.

And last but not least... if this picture doesn't make you crack a smile there is something wrong! We stopped in Moab to walk around on the way home. These sunglasses were in some little shop and i couldn't resist. I only wish that i would have bought them... i regret it everyday! Daxton was such a good boy on the trip which makes it so much easier for mama. I love you little baby.

A special thanks to Landon's family for once again showing up a great time! We love you and miss you!