Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

I am glad to finally get a little updated in the blogging business! Keep scrolling down because I have posted quite a bit in the past few days.

We had an AWESOME 4th of July. I mostly just love when family comes to visit and Landon gets an extra day off, it's a treat for sure. Landon's family came to visit this year because months ago we bought tickets for the Stadium of Fire. WOWWWWWWZERS. Brad Paisley did not dissapoint! What a great show, can't wait to go back again. Hopefully next time I won't be 9 months pregnant though, that made for some swollen feet, near heat stroke and a sore back!

I must brag a little. We just happen to live on the coolest street ever. Yes, we all live in tan stucco matching houses in SLC suburbia, but I happen to love it and my neighbors are so great. This year we had a big 4th of July street party and it was so fun! One neighbor in particular put in a lot of hard work, but it turned out great and the kids loved it.

Daxton ready for the big picnic and parade. What a handsome little fellow (it's all a show people)

I decorated his cozy coupe for the parade. He was pretty proud of it.

They had this CUTE train that the kids rode ALL day long. It was adorable!

Daxton's first tatoo. I know, we are such scandalous parents. He was obsessed with it and loved to show it off to everybody.

We bought the little guy some snappers or poppers or whatever you call them. He just ran around giggling and stomping on them until they were gone. I love how the most simple things can entertain him for hours!

We finished off the 4th with some smores in our fire pit (YUM) and watching fireworks from the top of our rock wall. It doesn't get better than that!


Daxton LOVES shish (fish), so when Landon got some tickets to the aquarium in SLC we knew we had to take Daxton right away. To say that he loved it is an understatement!!!! Shish, Shish Shish is ALLL I heard the rest of the day. He would run from one exhibit to the next and then back and forth and then move on. What a silly kid. They have a really cute kids play area that was his favorite. It had caves to crawl through and kid height fish tanks. They also have a new penquin display which is pretty cool and he loved that! It is so fun to watch him grown and learn and be so interested in things.

In the kid caves

Penquin display

Jelly Shish with Dad

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've had a birthday!

I am planning on posting lots and lots in the next couple of days so keep checking back (if you are interested).

Welp, I am in the last year of my 20's. There is no turning back and 30 is already staring me in the face. EEEEEEKKKKKKSSSSSSSS. I have always told myself that age doesn't matter and that getting older is wonderful and heard that the 30's are often people's best years, BUT...... I am kinda changing my mind now! I am feeling like I want to turn back time and never get a second older. I am the age that people lie about being for years and years! So from now on I will be turning 29 every year OK?

My twinner lives just down the road and it is really fun to celebrate together again. We went to her little girls first ever dance recital, got a little chubbier at Cheesecake Factory, opened some loot, and just enjoyed the day. It was perfect!

(ewwwwww, I am so over pregnant fat face)

I have an 18 month old!

I can't believe Daxton is already 18 months and on the way to being a big brother! He still seems so little to me! Well, he is still really little I guess. We love this little man SOOOO much. He fills our home with such a happy little noise, and MESS. He is talking up a storm and so curious about life. I love to watch him learn and grow and can't believe how smart (and manipulative) he is already.

Here is is right after his first day of Nursery at chuch which was kind of a FLOP!!!! I thought that he would do so great because he is little Mr. Independent, but I was so wrong. He was really tired and hungry and if you look at his forehead you can see his church battlewounds which didn't help. Maybe next time..... I am keeping my fingers crosssed tightly!

Um, cute? Yes, I think so.

He seems to get really obsessed with certain things, like: watermelon, Elmo, tractors, cars, animals, shoes, dogs, etc. And he talks about them ALL DAY LONG. In fact the first time he wore the Elmo jammies (below) he couln't sleep because he was too excited about them. He can eat so much watermelon that I am kinda shocked his skin isn't a weird shade of pink. Tractors and cars are his absolute favorite thing. When he goes to his toy box he finds every single one, lines them all up, and plays with them all day. Such a boy.

Love you little man.... you are kind of our favorite.

(For personal records)

Height- 31 inches (41%)

Weight- 21.6 lbs (5%)