Monday, March 28, 2011

My Cute Kid

I know, I know... ALL I ever seem to talk about it Daxton. Well, I just can't help myself! He is turning into such a little boy lately and doing new things every day. He is so curious, busy, loud, and a daredevil..... such a boy already. He is seriously not scared of ANYTHING or ANYBODY.... good and bad I guess. Well, he is scared of coming down the stairs, but that's about it! I am afraid that I might be spending a lot of my summer spair time getting stitches and casts for this little guy.

We have had a busy and fun month with lots of family visits. Nana, Papa, and Meme came to visit and then we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa. It has been a blast and Daxton loves them all SO much. Nana Terisha helped make the swiffer mop just his size so he could help me clean. He is such a help... let me tell you!

Modeling Papa Gregg's work hat! Check out that gut! Too bad that is about all that is chubby on the kid. He LOVES to run around naked and gets super this normal? Takes after his dad I guess.... uhhhhhh, did I just say that?

Doing the froggy leap with Grandpa Randy! He loves to be thrown around, although this little acrobatic trick is a little scary for mom. :) Face first into the ground.... I can just see the bloody lip now.

His first kiddy cone! I didn't know if he was big enough to understand, but WOW.... he devoured the whole thing and was just giddy about it. I am such a good mom! (not to mention this was right before bed and now I am sure it will take him a good hour to fall asleep... I AM awesome).

Preganacy Update: Almost 22 weeks. I am feeling good and hungry most of the time! My belly finally made an appearance and is now HUGE.... well, I feel like it is anyway. Hello heartburn and goodbye to sleeping on my tummy. My ultrasound went really great and the baby looks good and healthy.... whew. I feel more than grateful about that.

Monday, March 7, 2011


I will remain the one and only woman in the Sherwood home! It's boy #2 for us! I am so excited. I really want a girl (next time PLEASE so I can be done), but am so excited for Daxton to have a little buddy and partner in crime. Here I am at appx. 19 weeks. Bring on the chub! Clothes are starting to get tight and I had to bust out my maternity jeans today.... so sad. Dang that hearty appetite.

Daxton is getting so big and smart and handsome. I love dressing him up in his little suits and ties on Sunday. He looks SO handsome and really likes to charm all the gals.... really.... he is pretty good at getting his flirt on, already. Great.

Lately, he has been loving talking on the phone. I mean, he has been pretending for a long time, but he will actually chat now with his grandparents in his little chitter chatter. He was talking to his Nana here and really telling her a long story. He cracks me up constantly.

Oh, and he started walking a couple weeks ago. YIPEE!!!!