Friday, May 20, 2011

MIA Kauai Style

Hawaii..... trip numero #2! This trip was VERY unplanned and last minute. Landon has been covering all the Hawaii construction and estimating at work so when they call him and need him to come he goes. This time they asked him to come for two weeks and that is too long to be away from home so invited me to come along!!!!! wahhhhoooooooo! I had never been to Kauai (have you???? so so pretty) so was super excited even though i had like 1.2 seconds to pack and jump on a plane with zero plans except to get a killer tan. Well, quite contraire my friends. Did you know that the highest peak on Kauai is one of the rainest places on planet earth???? Yeah, I didn't. As it turns out we went for the worst two weeks of the entire year, weather wise anyway. The wind blew HARD and it rained the.entire.time. We had like one squeak of sunshine the Friday we left.... of course!!!! In fact there were flood warnings one whole week and a whopping 8 inches of rain one day. So I came home whiter that I was before, so discouraging! We still tried to live it up as much as possible at nights and on the weekend.

There are chickens EVERYWHERE. Rumor has it that back in the day a chicken farm got destroyed during a hurricane and the chickens have been roaming and reproducing ever since.

This is the squeak of sunshine I was talking about. This is actually the beach where they filmed a lot of the Pirates of the Carribean movie. It was so beautiful and remote. No Mr. Depp however.

I so wish that we could have had more beach time. Daxton LOVED playing in the sand and water so much more than last time. This is called Baby Beach @ Poipu Beach because the rocks block all the waves coming in and created this little cove perfect for babies.

This is Wiamea Canyon. WOW. It is called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It was cold and rainy this day, but the view was so incredible. There are two waterfalls if you look really close at the picture.

Our 6th anniversary happened to fall during the trip... lucky. One of the guys Landon works with has a daughter that babysat for us (AWESOME) so we could enjoy a night out. We ate at the place called the Beach House, right on the beach and watched the sun go down (kinda... if it weren't for the dark rain clouds.) boo. It was still so fun and yummy!

You can't drive all the way around Kauai because of Na Pali coast line which is just rocky mountain, but so beautiful. We drove as far as we could and walked the beach for a while. (yes, my face is getting prego chubby).

It rained SOOOOO hard when we were up there so good thing for this cool cave that went deep inside the mountain. It was kinda cool, but creepy. What if the whole thing came down!? yikes.

Lots of movies have been shot in Kauai. The middle of the island can only be seen by air. Remember in Jurassic Park when there are all the waterfalls and you think they are going to run into the mountain and you probably ducked (I did), well that is here. When you are driving up north you can see some of the waterfalls. Wow, it is so so beautiful!

Daddy and Daxton at a famous golf course in Princeville.

This lighthouse used to be the port for the island, which is CRAZY. You should see the cliffs they had to haul stuff up. It is the most northern point of the Hawaiian islands and now a wildlife preserve.... mostly just a pretty coastline and lots of bird doodoo.

This place is called Spouting Horn. There is a hole in the rocks that the water gysers up though when the tide is high. Well, the tide wasn't high so no luck!

We still had such a great time, but nothing beats coming home and sleeping in your own bed after a red eye flight with a toddler! Awesome.... yeah no not really. You gotta go to Kauai though, it is the prettiest place I have EVER been, hands down! Hopefully next time it won't hurricane on us though!