Friday, October 8, 2010

For Your Entertainment

So I don't really have anything that great to say, not that I ever do, but have had some picture requests! So feast your eyes upon these....

He can climb our whole flight of narrow, steep stairs. YESSSSS! Sense any sarcasm.... I think so. Today we actually went and bought a gate so we can keep our child alive.

I think Daxton thinks he is a little puppy. Lately, he has been putting everything and anything that he is playing with in his mouth and crawling around with it until he reaches his destination and then will take it out and play with it..... until he crawls aways again and puts it back in his mouth. So silly.

My whole family wen to Park City for the confrence weekend and stayed in a pretty sweeeet house. The master tub was like a hot tub so of course all the kids had to take a bath together..... little did they all know that Daxton still pees the second he hits the water. YUM. Dang, they are cute cute cute.

This family (whose house we (my dad) rented) was full of animals that he and his wife had hunted. Landon was in heaven. And they had life size Blues Brothers... creepy.

FIRST haircut! He had this random piece of really long hair on top of his head that hung down like poorly cut bangs. It had to go.

Daxton is totally into climbing in things, on tables, in my cabinets, etc. For instance, he doesn't just crawl from point A to point B. He turns on his 4 wheel drive and goes through the table, under the piano bench, and under the kitchen table.
(don't mind the dirty onesie... it was one of those ghetto stay at home and don't get dressed kinda days)

We drove up to Sundance to see the fall colors. It wasn't the "prime" time for it, but it was still SOOOO beautiful. Leave it to me to forget a diaper and of course he totally decided to have a blow out on our way there (after not going for like almost 2 days)= poo everywhere. awesome. Good thing he is pretty chill and didn't mind until we got home. I am such a good mom.

Well, tata for now.