Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Thanksgiving post!!!!

Well here is another one! We had such a blast with Landon's family and i hope they know how truly grateful we were to have them come and be with us for the holiday. They helped out so much and it turned out FABULOUS! Then of course we shopped till we dropped in true Sherwood style. We totally get into the black friday thing.. and let me say, i will never Christmas shop any other way. It is so the way to go! Utah women are a little more vicious (seriously???) and Megan and i got a bit ruffed up getting portable DVD players. Makes good memories right??We also went and saw the lights at Temple Square. The lights were great and all, but i remember there being tons more???? Anybody else agree??? It was still great.

This is our precious little Claudia... hope you don't mind Carly! This is how we caught her in the basement after Thanksgiving dinner. Nothing like running around in a cold, cement basement with all the boys to calm your full stomach! She is so dang CUTE but that gal would change her clothes 100 times a day or more! At least she tried to get some privacy by hiding in the "closet."

Thanks so much mom and dad for the food storage!!! Now somebody needs to teach me what to do with it all! That's a scary thought.

These are for you Terisha! Thanks for the tree Stanton and Carly. It is PERFECT for our house. And prelit trees really are a gift straight from Heaven. I love having Christmas decoration up... except the whole putting them up part. Merry Christmas everybody!