Monday, August 22, 2011

FINALLY! Bodie Landon Sherwood

Wow, I am so behind! Three weeks behind to be exact. Bodie is three weeks old today! Holy smokes.

Everything went really really really well with Bodie's birth. Daxton's birth... not so much so this time I was so grateful that everything went well. I started having contractions on Sunday night and went to bed with a few tylenol thinking that they would either go away or get stronger. Well, they dindn't go away and by about 12:30 I wasn't able to sleep through them anymore. I just rested as much as I could and by about 2:30 I woke Landon up to inform him that the baby was coming, but that I wanted to wait until morning to go to the hospital. Yes, I am crazy. So I got my bags packed, showered, and just relaxed (as much as possible!). Daxton woke up at about 6:30am (thankfully) and we rushed him to my sisters and off to the hospital. By this time I am DYING! We get there and they admit me right away, check me and I am already a 7. Good thing Daxton didn't sleep in! I am not sure I would have made it! They broke my water and Bodie was born at 11:18 on 8/1/11. He weighed in at exactly 7 pounds and 19.5 inches. He was perfect and right away I knew that he looked just like his daddy. I didn't get to hold Daxton right after I had him because of some complications, so this time I made sure I got to hold him and it was so wonderful and I think has helped me bond.

Daxton's first time meeting his baby brother. He wasn't sure that to think right at first, but warmed up really fast and now WILL NOT leave him alone! If Bodie makes a noise he is right there to inspect what is happening and loves to hold him and give him kisses,! I hope they are best friends.

First family picture!

On our way home!

He really is a sweet and mellow little fellow. I could use a mellow one after Mr. Busy!

Matchy, matchy. Yes, I am the type of mom to match all their outifts..... I think it is so cute! And I will probably do it until they fight me.

We love our little Bo to pieces and are so glad and blessed to have him here safe and sound. He is already growing so fast and we are enjoying him so much..... now if I could just get a little more sleep. *YAWN*