Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Monster

Can you believe that in a couple of weeks he will be 1/2 a year old??? I can't. He is getting to be so much fun and we are starting to see his little personality more and more. He's sure a busy little fella, but sweet and smiley too. However, he does have some monsterous moments.... aka. naptime. Please feel free to give me advice on this subject! He is such a rolly polly. He is all over the place and has gone from immoble to mobile real fast and i don't think he knows what to do with his new found abilities! If he rolls over he cries, if his blanket gets twisted he cries, if he rolls back over he cries. His naps have been pooey and he has also been waking up at night all twisted in his blanket and in some weird position that makes me wonder how long he has been awake pulling these shinanigans. I just don't know what to do with him! He now is rolling onto his belly and falling asleep, but won't go back to sleep well if he wakes up. Do you see my issues!? He's a mess, but we love him. Should i put him to sleep on his tummy from the get go? Should i not give him a blanket in his crib at all? Should i just let him cry until naptime is over or it is morning? In fact he is crying right now. Swell. Yeah, we are in a pickle. Hopefully soon he will figure it out. HELP. (P.S. I do use the book babywise. It doesn't help me with this issue).

ANYWAY!!! For journaling purposes, here are some things that he has been up to this past little while. Like i said, he is a rolly polly. He is also already starting to pull his knees up to his chest while on his belly and kinda scoot. He doens't do it on purpose, but soon he will figure out it can get him somewhere. He is eating solids twice a day now and LOVES it. He hasn't disliked anything that i have given him and actually prefers veggies! Suprise, suprise! He is also learning to blow the food out of his mouth which is really lovely. Ummm, he is doing really well sitting up and will have it down in no time! I know, he is getting so big! He is super ticklish. He giggles so hard when you get him right in the thighs or right above the bunsies. He is such a happy little man and is loving "talking" lately. We have to take him out at church a lot, but not because he is crying or cranky, but because is is squaking and making loud raspberries on his hands!

See what i mean about messy? Our laundry has tripled since solids or we just let him hang out naked, which i think we both love.

Sitting! I'm such a proud mama!
My first Mother's Day... which was slept being sicky (previous post). Daxton gave me a blender so i could try making his food from scratch! It was actually really easy and it's nice to know my little one is eating something that i made and i know what i put it in. Plus, it saves money which is always nice.
We have also been slaving in our backyard this year! Well, Landon mostly. Shout out to him! He has been working so hard and doing such a great job. We also have great neighbors help out too, we seroiusly couldn't have moved into a better neighborhood... well except the neighbors (all of them) with dogs that bark all the bloody time. :) Anyway, we can't wait until it is done and we can enjoy time out there on the deck or at the fire pit. Wanna come and visit??? The Sherwood Inn is vacant for a lot of the summer!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ricks College Sweatshirt Kind Of Week

My Ricks College sweatshirt is the first article of clothing I have that What Not To Wear would throw away... and i would cry, real tears. It is too big, like 10 years old, and doesn't have a hood... super stylish. Landon rolls his eyes every time i put it on. It's the thing i wear when i give up, when i don't feel so good, when it really cold and i can't seem to get warm, or just when i want to get Landon's goose. I LOVE it though. I will never, ever get rid of it. Hey, at least i don't wear it into public. Well, that's not the point. This week, was a Rick's College sweatshirt week.

Saturday night i got the body aches worse than i have ever had them and woke up in the middle of the night with teeth chattering chills followed by extreme heat. Sunday (my first Monther's day, and it was wonderful... besides all of this) was worse. Daxton was starting to show signs of illness also. Let me just say this, he is not usually an every diaper pooper kinda kid, but he all of a sudden was.... BIG time. Get what i am saying? When your sliding in to first.... blah blah blah. You get it now i'm sure. ANYWAY, we were both not doing so hot. Monday Landon went out of town which i was less than thrilled about in our tender state, but he had to work so off he goes for a couple of days. While he was gone Daxton and I got much worse. I don't think i got off the couch or out of bed unless i had to. Landon got home late on Tuesday and even took Wednesday off to tend us. Love you honey. :) Thursday comes and we are not getting ANY better so i went to the doctor. He couldn't believe how badly our community was infected by this horrible flu! There was somebody sick in every home on my street. Weird huh???

Well, finally on Thursday night we get a crack in the case. WATER CONTAMINATION. You becha. Awesome. Saratoga Springs releases a statement saying that my neighborhood has a bacteria in the water causing stomach and intestinal illness. Wonderful. My little 5 month old contaminitated. I had been feeding him extra bottles even so he wouldn't get dehydrated. I had been seriously chugging water so i could keep nursing and get rid of the "bug." Nice huh?

UPDATE: Our whole community is on boil alert. We have to boil the water that we use. We can't wash dishes and we can't cook. Thank heavens we can shower and that there is a Del Taco down the street. They have been chlorinating the water so now we all smell like swimming pools. Good thing we have massive amounts of bottled water in our food storage. Daxton had his first non-messy diaper this morning after 6 days. Poor kid. I won't tell you about me because it is weird, but i am doing much better, thank you.

So the moral of the story: Always be prepared for a poopy day. Literally. And keep your old, favorite sweatshirt no matter what anybody says because it really does make you feel better and there is nothing better than just letting yourself go sometimes.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 years

We made it..... 5 years. Everybody said the first 5 years are the hardest.... i totally disagree! We have had so much fun, been so many places, and done so many things! Happy Anniversary babe.