Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Frockery and LOTS of Other Stuff

We have had a fun filled, busy month! Here is the proof......

We visited Landon's family in New Mexico for Easter. It is always fun to go there and Daxton loves his cousins and his Nana, Papa, and Meme. I think he mostly just loves the attention... he EATS it up. This kid likes to be the center of attention.... at all times. Here are all the cousins in their matching Easter get-ups..... SO CUTE.

Nana, Papa, and Daxton

Meme and Daxton

He usually won't keep a hat on, but left this one on long enough so show off in some pics! Man, what a cutie!

Mind you... this dress makes me look HUGE! Holy cow.... shouldn't have posted that pic.

On Saturday we had a big picnic and Easter Egg Hunt. My cousin and her family who recently moved to Durango, CO came down to party with us and I didn't get any pics.... boohoooo. It was fun though and the kids had a blast. Daxton could have cared less about the eggs... he just wanted to run around and explore. He has some MAJOR battle wounds to show for it.

Daxton and Nana chillin in the hammock.... with the broom?????

Here is the LOTS of other stuff......

Daxton has been loving to help me cook lately. If I don't keep him entertained he just whines for me to hold him. So lately he has ben obsessed with all the kitchen utensils and helping me stir. He will seriously sit and stir nothing for like 30 minutes!

He has been cheesing for the camera lately. Big, gummy, cheesy, grins.... and it's REALLY cute. Don't mind blueberry face and the buckteeth.

He also is obsessed with shoes and putting them on anything with feet. He follows me around all day trying to put my shoes on. Doesn't he look so grown up??? If I could pause an age it would be this age.... he is so cute right now and so full of personality.

Here's another obsession.... hats or anything you can fit on your head. Notice a trend??? Yeah, he doesn't so much play with toys right now... just grown up items and then spreads them from one end of the house to the other. Most of my kitchen utensils are missing, our shoes are all mismatched, he has lost most of Landon's golf balls, and the house is usually a disaster.

He loves animals so my sister and I went to this museum at BYU and he loved it as expected. Its so fun to walk around with him mimicing the sounds of all these animals. He suprises me with how much he knows! Then we ate at the creamery on campus and he refused to eat his lunch so got full on french fries and ice cream. It could be worse right???? yeah, not really.

Pregnancy Update:

Pregnancy pics are so unflattering, but I was the WORST at recording my pregnacy with Daxton so promised I would be better with this one. I am 25 weeks in the pic. Feeling chubby as expected, but good. He is a busy little babe and usually picks up the karate moves sometime around 4 in the morning which is SO not cool. I just love him already, but am starting to get nervous about how much life is going to change yet again. Mostly, I just don't want a day to go by that Daxton doesn't get the attention he needs so that makes me nervous. Is it normal to feel this way? He is just going to still be so little that he won't understand. Any advice? Also, what are some baby items that you couldn't live without?