Friday, September 23, 2011

Bodie's Room

Here you go mom! I have been waiting and waiting for Bodie's backordered bedding to arrive and it finally has! I still have a bit more work to do and accessories to get, but we are loving his room! I love that I have nine months to think about exactly how I want it and then see it all come together. It isn't perfect, but we are getting there!


I am just feeling pretty lucky these days. My boys spoil me. Bodie is a wonderful little baby and Daxton is just fully of yummy hugs and kisses. Here are a few silly pics for our far away family.

Old Man

Yup, it's true. Landon is OLD.... he turned the ripe old age of 30 yesterday! I know, I am not far behind, but I am kinda glad he reached the age before I do! Hehe.

He has been wishing and hoping and dreaming of a fine shotgun so with the help of family we were able to grant his wish! Was he excited..... um yes, I think just a little.

Little family pic. Daxton was so excited that it was daddy's birthday. I don't really think he gets it yet, but it was still a fun day for him because there were LOTS of balloons involved.

AND, I threw him a suprise birthday party! I can't believe I actually pulled it off. We have such wonderful/awesome family and friends and had such a great time! He said that all he wanted to do on his 30th was go to dinner with me and have a chocolate cake, so we did..... with about 50 other people!

We are so glad that he's our dad. Cheers to being 30 honey! You are looking as fine as ever.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Busy is the words that defines my life lately. We have had so much going on lately! I can't say that I haven't enjoyed every second though. All my pics are backwards... someday I will figure out this whole blogging thing! ha.

In High School there was a big group of girls that were all best buddies and have known eachother since we were little. The last one of the girls finally tied the knot this past weekend at Redfish Lake in Idaho. Some of the girls couldn't make it (we really missed you), but we had a blast with those that could! Emily made a beautiful bride and I am so happy for her.... and really super jealous because she is honeymooning in FIJI!

Daxton LOVED throwing rocks in the lake. My dad made a comment that he was the most boyish boy he has been around in a long time! The kid is BUSY. He could throw rocks at nothing all day long and just think it was the greatest thing ever!

We had family and friends join us for Bodie's baby blessing over Labor Day weekend. Daxton loves all the attention so much and it was a really special blessing that Landon gave our little baby Bo.

These two kinda run the show around here! Daxton and Taylor are only three weeks apart and loved playing together. They don't get to see eachother all that often, but they are so cute together!

The cousins on the Sherwood side. Daxton was in HEAVEN all weekend with so many kids to play with. He was so loney (and naughty) after everybody left!

Bodie in his blessing duds. He is such a special little boy. He is super calm and mellow and we love him to bits and pieces.

He loves to sleep on his tummy. He is such a yummy, snuggly baby (for now) If he is anything like Daxton he will be anti-snuggles in no time at all. :)

This was only at about three weeks and has put on some serious chub since, but isn't he cute!!!

This is the bath time routine at our house! Before I had two kiddos I never thought about how you bathe everybody and yourself and have time for ANYTHING else in the day.... so we multi task! Bodie gets a splashes all little, but he is just gonna have to get used to the Daxton abuse.

Thanks to all our family and friends who spent the weekend with us and helped make it even more special! I love my little family.