Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We had a BUSY August!!! Here is a little summary of whats been goin' on! We started off the month with Bodie's first birthday.... which totally stunk because he was barfing for a week straight and was so tired and lethargic that he would just fall asleep the second I picked him up. He slept on the couch with lots of craziness going on for like 3 hours! Poor little thing. I felt so bad for the little guy, he just had no idea what was going on and felt so crummy. Thankfully we are all better now!

Daxon plays outside pretty much 24-7. This is his little friend Austin. They are so cute and are little best buds. They even have the same bike and look like a little gang riding around together.

I went to St. George and had a get together with my best ol' girlfriends from high school. We have all kept in touch somewhat, but not as much as we should have! I think we were all a little nervous to see if we were even still friends, but I cannot say how awesome it was that we just picked back up like old times and had a BLAST!!! I love these girls. They are my favorite people of all time and the best friends I have ever had in my whole life! Just wish I would have taken more pics. :(


We spent a few days at Seven Peaks. Daxton has been a little scared of the water, but going here has really helped. Bodie loved it too! Daxton is such a funny little boy and is obsessed with being just like Dadda. He has to have his sunglasses and Nike hat everywhere we go! He is just getting so big and I want to freeze him so he doesn't get any older. He is a precious little boy with so much care and love for other people. He is getting so smart and is just a wonderful little dude. Love these boys.

Bodie, just being a mess! This is one energetic little boy. He is soooo busy and wild. Church or anywhere that he has to be contained is a nightmare with this kiddo right now! It is just part of his age so I am doing my best to just enjoy him, and I do! He is always full of snuggles and smiles. I have a feeling that he will always be a ball full of energy and fun. It has been fun to see his little personality emerge.

I started watching a little neighbor girl while her mom teached Kindergarden in the afternoons. She mostly just naps during that time. She is such a cutie and the boys LOVE her!

Landon and I had a little date night this last weekend and it was SO fun! It was actually a work function for Landon, but it didn't seem like it at all. It was a fundraising Gala for the University of Utah healthcare. His company bought a table and we were asked to attend. Twist my arm would ya?! It was at La Caille Restaurant in the foothills of Salt Lake. It was INCREDIBLE. This place was amazing. You turn into this huge gate and drive down a mile long cobblestone drive lined with trees and forest. Then you get to this amazing building that looks like a turn of the century French chatteau. Wow. It was so beautiful and the grounds were also gorgeous. The meal was delicous and we ended up accidentally running into some of our best friends (the North's) which made the evening even better. We topped off with a little Creme Brule and called it a night. Sometimes it is fun feeling fancy! Am I right?

Noelle and her kiddies are finally home from North Carolina for the summer. These boys are all within 3 months of eachother. What were we thinking??!! Actually, it is so fun and I love to see how they are all so different. It is going to be so fun to see them all grow up together and be buddies.... we hope anyway!!!!

Well that was our month and I hope yours was just as good!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Boy

Bodie- 1 Week Old

Bodie- 6 Months Old

Bodie- 1 Year Old!
I CANNOT believe that my baby is one.... ONE! Crazy, I tell ya. Bodie has brought nothing but happiness to our family. From the moment we brought him home I knew he was a total keeper! He was a near perfect baby (nursed well, slept through the night at 2 months, easy going, ya know all the good stuff). He is pretty wonderful. Not to mention he has the cutest cheesy grin and velvet soft skin that makes even the naughtiest little one seem wonderful! Here are a few stats that I want to remember.

Weight: 19 lbs. (6%)
Height: 30 inches (59%)
Words: Dada, nana, uh-oh, lots of gibber gabber
Skills: master crawler, can go up and down the stairs, cruising furniture, walking behind things.
He loves food, all food! He worships Daxton and keeps right up with him. He has a cute little sense of humor and loves to crack him self up. He has the CUSTEST giggle I have ever heard! He is soooooo busy. Holy Moly, he wears me out and I cannot keep up with him!
We aboslutely love our little Bodie.

We had a party for Bodie on Sunday night because his birthday was on a Wednesday and we had other obligations. We had some friends and family over to help celebrate with us.

He LOVED his birthday cake! He scarffed it right now, but not before he made a ginormous mess. So I just threw him in the sink for a little tubby time.

Already being so modest for the camera! Ha.

We got Bodie a wagon which he LOVES, although Daxton thinks it is his! Everybody needs a wagon, it's the best. Talk about hours of entertainment!
Unfortunately, Bodie came down with a nasty tummy bug and has been throwing up for 3 days. Bless his little heart, he is the sweetest little thing ever. So we have spent the week snuggling and trying to get better. Poor little thing, nobody should have to be sick on their birthday!
Love you tons Bodie-boy.