Saturday, October 31, 2009

So, i am pretty sure that i have the awesomest friends and sisters in the universe. This post comes a little late, not suprising for me. My sisters and Ashley threw me a great baby shower and i feel super spoiled and grateful that they are all so flippin awesome.

Melinda, a life long friend, came all the way from Boise without her kids and hubby to visit! I love you Melly. :) It was so special to have you be there.

Aren't camera's supposed to only add 5 pounds??? Maybe it is the sweater i am wearing. Note to self: Never wear it again. Why does everybody else in the picture look so skinny though? Hmmmmm.

Yes Ashley, it does look like you have a glass eye. It is not just your imagination or your computer screen playing tricks on you. Thanks for leaving these awesome pics on my camera. I knew i could put them to use.

This is Sabrina, Ashley and I at Lindsey's wedding. We are all old roomies from back in the day and i love them sooooooo much. We are all pregnant too and about 10 weeks apart. (11,21,and 31 weeks)

Here is the gorgeous bride, Lyns. If you are reading this, I am SOOOOO happy for you! you deserved the greatest guy in the world and i am so glad that you found him. You are gorgeous... call me.

A little side note, my mom couldn't come because she had been exposed to the swine flu the night before. It was so kind of her to make the sacrifice for the better good. She never ended up getting sick which is a little stinky, but i am so grateful that she did that so all of us chubbies and kids wouldn't get sick. Love you mom. I am also really sad that i didn't get any pictures with my sisters and AWESOME in laws. I am so grateful for them and all they have done for us.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just call me chubby....

I am getting big. I see other girls with about the same due date as me and I want to go home and cry myself to sleep. For once in my life I am not loving being 5'1... there just aint much room for a baby! Don't mind the awesome double chin I am growing.....

28 Weeks

And.... Landon is 28!!! SO old. We had a great bday party with some friends and family. The kids (North's and Maddie) seriously swarmed around him when he was opening his gifts. They are so cute. Not to mention the North kids spent most of their day making him the cutest homeade gift: halloween ghosts out of tissue and tape, sunday adds glued to envelopes, a little pumpkin, and one piece of gum. Now that's what I call thoughtful!
I sure love my babe.... he's the best! Happy Birthday darlin

Landon in all his bday garb. So cute.