Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a little update

Daxton is 14 months old TODAY! Time flies with this little guy around.... lets just say he keeps me busy. It is so bittersweet to watch him grow up so fast. On one hand it is so fun to see him learn so many new things at the speed of light, but on the other hand I would just love to scoop up my little baby again and to have him lay sweetly and quietly in my arms. Ha, those days are long over with Daxton! In fact, just look at the picture below. This is what he looks like most of the time these days. He is like that dang If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book. If i get out the camera he cries because he want it, then he wants to use it like a phone, then he is looking for a real phone, then he cries because he wants a snack or a new toy.... its never ending people. I know, all you moms out there are saying in your head, "welcome to motherhood." Thanks. :)

This rocking horse is seriously his favorite. He loves to get on and say weeeeeeee. It's so cute. He has also become quiet the little climber these days. He is up and down everything and can wriggle up just about anything, it's actually pretty amazing to watch his little brain problem solve and figure out how to do things.... mostly naughty things! It won't be long until I am at the Emergency Room with a little boy that needs a cast and some stitches.

His other favorite is his Buzz car. Seriously, hours of the day are spent wheeling this thing around. He is really into hiding things in the seat or taking his animals for a ride. He even tries to get in (or stand in it) which doesn't really work and has lead to lots of near concussions.
He loves to dump out all of his toys and play with every single one, or just throw it. He is such a boy! Everything has a sound effect or name. I seriously cannot believe how fast he is learning new things right now. Just the other day I asked him out of the blue what a elephant says and he lifted him arm like the trunk and blew. Did I even teach him that?... must have! He knows what a duck, cow, puppy, and kitty say too. I just didn't even know to ask him! He is starting to say words like fish, night-night, Nana, Maddie (didi), and other little things that I can't understand but that he repeats NON stop. He loves to talk on the phone and just gibber gabbers a million words a minute and he's not quiet about it either! It's especially cute when he says "ya" and nods like he is realy talking to someone. We love our little Dax man like crazy.

Valentines day just isn't the same with kiddies is it? That's ok... it is so much more fun to share the love right? We had heart shaped pizza and heart shaped chocolate chip cookies to be festive and Landon gave me some pretty tulips. He's the best. I just feel so lucky to have both these boys that love me.

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Oh yeah, I am pregnant.... again! 17 weeks to be exact and due August 5. I feel so lucky to be pregnant again and so nervous about having two babies. I am the worst at taking belly pics... mostly because I REALLY don't like them and at this stage I look more like I have a bowl full of jelly than a baby belly and that is so not flattering. Maybe next week when I hopefully get to find out what I am having... fingers crossed! Dr. Ollerton... you better not let me down!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

At last..... HAWAII

I'll keep my words short since I posted SOOOOOOO many pictures. I just didn't want to seperate all my posts.... anywho, we went to Hawaii for our Christmas present from my parents and it was such a blast! Thanks mom and dad!

Daxton's first plane ride! he was SUCH a rockstar the whole trip (even though we later found out that he had a ear infection, a super bad cold, a sky high fever, and getting molars all at the same time). He slept happily on my lap (which if you know us... this is a true miracle).

Famous Waikiki Beach! We snorkeled and just hung out in the beautiful 80 degree weather. Daxton wasn't a huge fan of the sand and water at first. Oh well.

We visited Laie and Daxton made fast friends with ol' Ronald. In fact when I picked him up he cried some serious tears of devastation.

Laie Temple. SO beautiful.

Polynesian Cultural Center. What a cool place. We saw a great water/boat parade, ate some yummy ice crea, enjoyed a delicious BBQ, and watched their famous luau which is SUPER impressive.

This is how Daxton looked most of the trip.... extremely sleep deprived.... sick.... tired.... etc. Just a bink and his blankie is all he needed and he was off to dreamland. You will be able to tell in all the pics that the stroller was truly my best friend on this trip.

Pali Lookout. Such a cool place. This is me and my gorgeous siblings. (OH, and see the long hair on my brother? Well, he let me cut it all off!!!)

Kailua Beach... one of the prettiest beaches I have even been to. Daxton enjoyed the water and sand much more this day. He is still obsessed with his shovel and bucket.

Sweet Emrie's 3rd Birthday! How would that be... celebrate your bday at the beach in Hawaii???

Everybody decided to snorkel/swim to that flat island in the distance. I have done it before so just decided to work on my sunburn, which was quite impressive I must say :) Landon decided to use Daxton's yellow floaty for security... so funny.

Sandy diapers..... heck YES. He had an extremely exfoliated bottom by the time we were homebound. Did I stop him? No. I figure there are much worse things.

Yes, I took this picture, it is not a postcard. It's it gorgeous of the Waikiki Beach sunset? It was this pretty every night. I think I want to go back... like right now.

The Pearl Harbor Memorial is such a neat and humbling place. They built a brand new facility since I had been last and it was incredible. I learned all sorts of neat things, none of which I will share right now because they are long stories so I will just leave it at that. :)

Hanauma Bay is seriously cool. It is this crater that is now filled with the best snorkeling I have ever seen. We didn't get to do this last time we were in HI, so it was a real treat. I even convinced Daxton to get in the water here... quite an accomplishment.

Cute sandy bum!

Our next stop was the Dole Pineapple Plantation. It is pretty neat to see how they grow and the history of how they got to Hawaii. I think the kids loved this place... and the adults with EVERYTHING pineapple flavored... delish. I am still going through fresh pineapple withdrawls, it's just not the same buying it at Walmart down the street.

Riding the Pineapple Express.

We the went to the North Shore which is so beautiful. Lots of surfers and even a few beached and sunbathing seaturtles.

We also went to Wiamea Falls which was so pretty. They used to have divers, but with it being a sacred place to the Hawaiians they decided to do away with that and do more cultural things like hula dancing. And no... I am NOT that big (with child) yet, the wind was blowing OK?

Since we have been home we have been homebound with sickness and Hawaiihomesickness for sure. Thanks mom and dad for such a wonderful time!