Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8 months!

I love doing these monthly posts so I can look back to see how far Daxton has come and how much he has grown! I can tell you one thing.... he is growing WAY to fast! There are so many moments that I want time to stop so I am just trying to enjoy every second. We have been traveling a LOT lately and everybody says how good, mellow, and happy he is. I guess I need to start counting my blessing for that because I don't recognize it all the time! He might be all of those things, but he is also one of the wiggliest little critters EVER known on this earth. Holy cow.... the kid cannot sit still to save his life. Dang I love him though... SOOOOO much! Here are some things he has been up to...

-crawling like a maniac
-also figured out how to climb stairs.... eeeeeeeks. Time for gates I suppose.
-pulls to standing up
-loves to play under the table and climb all over it
-babbles dada, baba, mama
-fake coughing
-waving byebye (cutest thing ever)
-eats me out of house and home! Seriously, this kid can put it down and is still skinny!
-loves to be tickled and giggles like crazy
-loves to be outside
-is getting really good at feeding himself, but I don't let him all the time because it is SUCH a mess.
-he doesn't know a stranger and will go to anybody without a flinch
-sleeps 12 hours at night for the most part and takes two naps during the day.
-gives big -slobbery -open -mouth kisses.... YUM
-still no teeth, but I don't think it will be long
-this kid is tough as nails! such a boy!

Ummmmm..... can't think of anything else right now, but I LOVE this age. It is so so so fun. We are still adjusting our lives to the crawling, but I am starting to like it more and more.

His eyes are the craziest color and I so love them! They are mostly grayish/blueish but also have some green and brown speckals. SO beautiful.

He loves putting his feet on things and eats like this most of the time. Silly boy. See all that food? Yep, he eats all of it and cries when it's all gone.

This is under the table where he spends most of his time. He got a little high centered and I had to rescue him. Little Mr. Curious.
Yep, under the table again... see that sharp point to the right? Yeah, that scares me too. Next post he might not have an eye.

Under the coffee table..... that might have to go in storage for awhile to avoid concussions.

Welp, that is what we have been up to around here! I tried to post some little videos of crawling and waving, but they didn't work. sorry. :(
I have a lot of blogging to catch up on so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


We have been busy at this house! Wowzeersssssss. Plus, I have been totally dreading this post because there is so much to cover! I will keep it short and simple. I am going backwards because i don't feel like rearranging my pics... get over it okay? :)

We went the the Jensen Family Reunion (my dads family) in Logan this past weekend. There are nine siblings: one deceased, one didn't come, and his parents (my grandparents) are deceased as well. I haven't seem some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins for over 15 years and back then I was an 8th grade dweebo and wore my 4H safari outfit to the reunion. I was awesome. Anyway, it was about time we got together. There were so soooo many people not there, but still tons of people there. That is what happens when you have 9 kids= LOTS of poeple. More of my cousins are much older that me so I don't even really know them so it was great to see them. Plus, my aunts and uncles are all total characters!

My sister Emily and her hubbo, Ren. Cute huh? That's because they work at the Buckle and people that work there are cute.

My Uncle Mike wearing the community wig. I told you... they are ALL characters. It is not just the wig that makes this funny it's the cowboy hat and gym shorts too! I love you Uncle Mike.... you are my most favorite!

My pappy with my little Daxydoodle. Love my daddy-o.

7 of the siblings. I think it was heaven for my dad to see all of them. He is the second youngest. I just can't even imagine not seeing my siblings for 15 years!

My sister and I visited an old roomie, Bobbi. She just had a baby, Oaklyn. She is such a cute little mommy.

Daxton rode his first horsey!!!! And a mini horse at that... and i willingly walked through poopy hay so he could have the experience. The things a mother will do.

We (my sister and I) took the kiddos to the Highland fountains. That is a fun place to go, but SO crowded. This is the most involved Daxton got and he didn't even really like that!

We took the canoe out for the first time this summer and headed up to Tibble Fork (Am. Fork Canyon). It is seriously beautiful! I love that in 20 min or less we can be totally out of the city!

And I leave you with this because it is cute and you should all be jealous that I get to wake up to this and be with him ALLLLLLLL day! In fact, I think I hear him now! Oh, and he is really crawling now... FINALLY going forward. It's not that graceful yet, but we are working on it! I will post a video soon, also one of him waving byebye. Dang he's cute!