Saturday, May 17, 2008


So we finally got the permit to build our house!!! It took like a month when it should have taken a week... so we have been in a dither about that. So we are sooooo pumped and they are going to start building on Friday!!!!

Plus, i found this picture on a friends blog and just know it would seriously lift some spirits! I couldn't resist sharing it. SO CUTE!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slacker Blogger

Ok, so the last thing that i want to do when i get home is BLOG even though we have been having a grand ol' time. I have a gazillions picures of everything that we have been doing... so here she goes!

The North's came to visit! We LOVE them and they really are like family. We missed all their birthdays this year (such great friends we are !) so we decided to have a group birthday party. This is little Landon and Lauren and you shoulda seen them down these cupcakes... little cutie pies. Little Landon is seriously hilarious. Short story: his parents went to a Jazz game and we babysat at the hotel. Little Landon asked if that building over there (aka. the ESA center) was where the jazz played. I said "yeah Landon and your parents are there too," and he said "WHAT!!!!" with this funny tone in his voice like it was the most unbelievable thing EVER! Ok... i realize that this isn't that funny to a lot of people reading... but the kid is only 3 and it sure cracked me up!

Mike, Lauren, and Maddie came to visit too! We had such a blast and love to see them. I just happened to catch this pic of Lauren and Mike... how cute are they??? Maddie is a little genius child. She just turned one and says all sorts of words... but what more can you expect with parents like L and M?? Maddie is such a cheese too.... LOVE HER!

Here is our lot! Really they told us our house would be done in July... well this is what it still looks like so I am thinking more like October. Don't ask... it's a sensitive subject. JK... they are just taking FOREVER. Our lot is huge and we are so super excited! We hope they start next week. Everybody cross your fingers and toes and legs, and anything else that can we crossed. So visitors welcome and we will welcome anybody's skills and yard service hours anytime! I'll keep yall updated.

Little Emrie... i miss you girl! Emrie and i used to hang out every Friday and play and now she lives is Memphis and i really miss her! I miss you too Nelli and Zak!

We also went to visit Landon's family in the Land of Enchantment (aka. New mexico). They blessed little Estelle and we celebrated all their birthdays. We got Brock a Cars swimsuit and rash guard shirt and i am pretty sure he has worn it ever since. Claudia is SO adorable and little Estelle is the most precious little thing you have ever seen and the little thing never even makes a peep! We had a blast and they are SO good to us when we come. Landon's parents are amazing and so giving. WE LOVE YOU!

Landon and i also had our big 3rd anniversary! He got me some gorgeous tulips and a little shopping spree at the outlets in Park City. What a sweetie. He got a new golf bag and i think it is going to make him run faster and jump higher for sure. I'll let you know. Anyway, he's the greatest hubby ever and not a day goes by without a laugh. If you know Landon... you know what i mean. Love you tons babe.

Well, there ya have it. Check back in in like a month! Ok ok... i'll try a little harder.