Thursday, January 21, 2010

Little Buddies

My sister, Lauren, posted this picture of her daughter, Maddie, and Daxton and i had to document it as well because it has to be one of the most precious and priceless moments EVER! I just have to say, i think Maddie loves Daxton most of all. She can't get enough of him and i think it is adorable because usually kids this age have a schedule of their own. She loves it when i ask her to help change his diaper and rubs his head and calls him "Little buddy" and says over and over "it's okay, it's okay" in her precious little mommy voice. She always wants him to come and look at all of her toys and just wished he could play. Let me just say... i think they are buddies for life!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


If how fast the last month has gone by is any indication of how fast he will grow up... STOP, please stop! I can't believe that it has been one month since i brought my little sweetie home. Yesterday Landon and I were looking at him and can't believe how much he has changed already and wish that we could stop time for just a moment. For histories sake i wanted to list some things about him so i won't forget!

He is the sweetest little boy and rarely cries. I fact i almost like his cry ( i know i am insane) I know.... i am lucky although i am sure it won't last!
He loves to snuggle under my chin awake or asleep. It calms him instantly.
He loves bath time... especially to stare at himself in the mirror.
He hates lotion time, but it is getting better all the time.
He is losing all of his hair on the top of his head! SOOOO sad. He is starting to look like a bald old man. He is still cute!
He is getting kinda chubby.... kinda.
He is REALLY long. For this reason he is finally growing out of some of his newborn clothes. All the arms and legs are getting too short, but everything is still baggy. I think i have a mini- Landon on my hands.
He is completely butt-less. Nothing there..... nada.
I thought his eyes were going to be brown, but now i think they are going to be blue.
I need to bathe him in head n' shoulders.... he is sooooo flaky!!
Burping is the bain of his existance. He really hates it... probably because he can show up both Landon and I.... and that is saying a lot! Poor kid, it probably hurts!
He is good sleeper. We are not going throught the night or anything, but i can't complain!
We have had our ups and downs nursing, be we are hanging in there and not giving up and i am sure it will pay off eventually!
I don't have many pics of him and I, but i did get this one. Not the greatest and yes he got my huge forehead, but whatever.

He is going bald and crosseyed, but i totally love it.

I hope my dad sees this picture. When my siblings and i were little my dad would sneak into our bedrooms late at night and prop our arms up like this and take pictures. Random i know, but funny so i had to carry on the tradition. Plus, aren't his lips amazing?

This is usually how he ends up after eating and i think it is adorable. No that is not my skin.... i am wearing a pink shirt. :)

My little lovebug on his one month birthday. Golly, time goes by fast.

I can't remember anything else that i wanted to list... but all in all, we are crazy about our little one month onld and look forward to our future with him... and hopefully his hair will grow back. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day to Day

My little man and i have fun at home together. I can't say it has been an easy transition for me to be home, but i am learning to love it and now that Daxton is becoming a little more engaged it is so fun. I love to see him look around and look into my eyes like he really, really knows me. He has the sweetest eyes.... you can almost see heaven right in them. Cheesy i know. So this is what we have been up to since we have been home together.

He met mine and Landon's families! I don't have very many pics. :( Here he is with my sis... aunt lolo (noelle).

Nana Terisha

Papa Gregg and Daxton sacked out on the couch. Daxton makes a pretty good snuggle buddy.

Then he started sleeping....... don't mind the double chin, i am working on it!

and sleeping........

and sleeping......

Sometimes he will wake up for some super bonding time with daddy. He loves daddy. I love my handsome boys.

He actually loves tummy time! Suprising i know. He can finally turn his head from one side to the other! Yeah Daxton!

He used to seriously HATE bathtime.... but now he seems to somewhat like it! He loves to stare at himself in the mirror. In fact you can't get him to look away! He still hates lotion time though!

All gussied up for the day!

And then........ back to sleep. I swear they come out hibernating. He is just delicious and i am just plain ol crazy bout him.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I can't help but think my little one is the most beautiful thing on this planet. :) My sister, Noelle, took these amazing pics..... THANK YOU!

(plug.... her photoblog address is and she is totally awesome and will take your pics for an affordable rate! ) She also makes cards and announcements.

Daxton is getting so big! He had his first Dr. appt today and has gained a whopping 11 ounces!!! The kid eats like a champ.... right now anyway! I have been informed that after about 4 weeks he will start to grow little horns. Can't wait! He is so sweet and snuggly... in fact i think i will go and get him now! He is always content unless we have to change his diaper, clothes, or bathe him. Something about being exposed really bothers him. :)
I just love my little man.
My mom left today so i am officially on my own.... yeah, a little scary. Mom's are the best, especially mine and Landon's. Thanks mom and Terisha for EVERYTHING. Daxton misses you.
Just wanted to report that we are still alive for now... check on me next week.