Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So happy birthday twinner! I know this is way late, but better than never! Also, we went to Twin Falls for the weekend and had a BBBLLLAAASSSSTTTT!!! Thanks mom and dad for such a fun time! Here are just some random little things that we have been doing and some more of the house in progress.... it has changed SO much!

I had such a great birthday.. thanks so much everybody! It is fun to be with Lauren for the big day... wish we could get together every year. I get kinda lonely all by myself. Love you sister. And Landon was SO cute! He had breakfast all set up for me before i went to work with candles lit, pink dyed french toast, and a place card that said "The Birthday Girl." He is SO sweet... love him!

Here is little Maddie, up to no good i am sure! She is just precious. Of course, she had to have representation on the blog.... and we missed you Emire, Noelle, and Zak!!! Love you guys.

And here is the housey! The one above is umm.... i think week 4 (i lost count). Don't you love the man on the roof posing? Hard at work.. a friend from our southern borders.

And this is the most current week 5! All done being framed! I can't even believe it! SO much fun.

P.S. Sorry Terisha that this took so long! Forgive me for being lazy! Love you... see you in a week.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Warriors!

This is just a mumble jumble of everything that we have been doing for the past 2 weeks. I don't really know where to start so i guess i will just..... ummmmm start.

Week #3:

Week #4:

The house is coming right along! We are thinking that the whole house should be framed by friday... WAHHOOOO!!! It is starting to all feel real and so exciting!

This park is GORGEOUS! The russian olive trees smelled like candy (yummmmm) and it was the prettiest day ever. I couldn't get enough of it. They need to make a candle that smells like those trees or something... anyone else agree? I called Lauren and i seriously thought that she was going to start crying because she misses the seasons and spring here in Utah so much... do you blame her... BEAUTIFUL!

Last weekend Landon and I went to the Utah County Parade of Homes. There are no words. I am used the Twin Falls one where it is free and the houses are semi-normal. These houses were totally outrageous.... i couldn't believe it! This is just one picture to explain the outgrageousness.

Yeah... that indoor tumbling gym. Every house now has an indoor gym, basketball court, craft room, and theatre room... but a tumbling room... amazing! And how about getting your hair done here? Sign me up! Pictures really don't do any justice to how beautiful and amazing these houses were.

This house was my favorite. It was SO beautiful and not insane like the others. It was more liveable and real. I wished you could all see the inside. This is just the outside, but it really was gorgeous. Anyway, we had a blast and got some good ideas for our house! Horray for other peoples ideas!

This last week i had Youth Conference and it was SO GREAT! The youth in our ward are especially amazing. They are all so incredibly srong and i relly don't remember being that strong and having so much gospel knowledge when i was their age. They are so SPECIAL and i love them to death! It really is a treat to associate with them all the time. We camped up in the American Fork canyon.... BEAUTIFUL, i can't even believe it is 25 minutes from my house. I had a blast... mostly because i get to act like i am 12 again and it is allowed! Here are just some random pics of some things that we did.

And last, but certainly not least... we went to LAGOON yesterday! It was Landon's summer work party and we totally couldn't pass that up! But think about the worst thing that could happen at Lagoon.....

Yup, that's right... the power went out. Yeaha, i know..... how does that happen? I have no earthly idea!!!!! We at least got to go on my favorites.. blast off and the colossus! YEEEEHWWWW! Landon won't ride the white rollarcoaster with me... wussy. He think that it is going to fall apart. It's totally the best ride there. They ended up giving us a voucher that we can use before June 30th... looks like we are going back! Love that place.

We'll yall... that's all i got. Just have to say Happy Father's Day to my dad and Landon's dad. They deserve the best day ever and we love and appreciate them SO much. We couldn't ask for better father's and examples in our lives. WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Week #2

Like i said before we are going to kinda keep a weekly journal of the house. Sorry if you get sick of it... i guess it is more for our enjoyment! We have a foundation though... when is the carpet going in??? hehehe.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Day!

I am bit late on this, but it is better late than never... right? We had an awesome weekend with my parents in Twin Falls. I think i forget how much i love Twin and loved growing up there. Here are some fun things we did.

We went canoeing and kayaking on the Snake River in the canyon. It was SUCH a pretty day and there were tons of base jumpers. I have watched them before but not from this angle so it was a pretty neat sight. I was mostly just hoping that they wouldn't land on me.

Mom, you are such a ROCKSTAR!

Thanks dad for all the fun!

Then of course we played a grueling game of Chinese Checkers... which i usually win, but my dang mom beat me by ONE move!

We did some other great stuff, but i didn't take any picutres. We saw Indiana Jones, shopped, ate... you know the normal stuff. We had a great time so thanks mom and dad for everything! We love you!

These pics are at Thanksgiving Point the week before. We didn't really have any plans on this Saturday so we decided to get out and smell the tulips! They were unreal. It was the annual Tulip Festival and they really were SO beautiful and literally came to my hip (i know that is not saying much). They sell the bulbs there and i can't wait to go back nex year and plant some in my gardens!

Speaking of having my own garden.... here it the hole where the house is going to go! I know it is hard to see, but Landon couldn't wait another mnture to get out there and it was getting dark fast! We are going to keep a weekly journal on the progress of the house. We are going out again tonight and will post that one too. We are SO excited!

Mrs. Edward Cullen

Oh the joys of living in Utah. I admit I have given in and read the twilight books and TOTALLY loved them, but just so everybody know... they ARE NOT real! :) I was driving home from work the other day when i see a car with a huge decal that says MRS. EDWARD CULLEN on the back window. Funny thing was... it was a man driving the car.