Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We have had a BUSY November! I can't believe how fast this time of year flies with all the holidays! WARNING: this is an extremely long post!

We have had so much fun getting together with my family this last month, especially because there are so many babies! I had a baby, my twin sister had a baby, and my little sister had twins..... so yeah, it's been a little nuts around here! This is Ty, Tyler, and Bodie. Next Christmas they will be a little over a year..... YIKES.

It's a little family tradition to all decorate the downstairs Christmas tree together. Now that we have kids we assign them to do it! All the ornaments are at the bottom of the tree this year and my mom loves it that way!

These are the oldest four grandkids: Maddie, Emrie, Ella, and Daxton. Daxton has to work extra hard to keep up with these three and will probably love when the three younger boys get a little older. But, he loves these girls to death.

They all happened to match this day.... I love love love my cute boys.

Yeah, see what I mean about a lot of babies! We all stayed at my parents house so it was just a little crazy! It is so fun to all have babies together though. Little Ava is the only girl, but that girl can already hold her own! She is such a pretty little thing.

Our family has gotten so big that it is hard to have Thanksgiving at my Grandma's house, so now we have it at the Malad (Idaho) Senior Citizens Center..... I know, AWESOME right??? :) They have a game room and piano to keep the kiddos busy which was nice.

Ahhhhh, a little brotherly (in-law) love. So sweet.

I always love seeing my sissies..... missed you Emily.

I know..... He is getting SO BIG right???? I can't believe it myself. He is so wonderful, we just love his to pieces! He is four months old this week..... HOLY COW!

Daxton is VERY into Christmas this year which has been fun. He loves his Rudolph ornament and helped put the star on the top of the tree. He is obsessed with Santa and walks around saying "HOHOHO" all the time!

We had a great Thanksgiving and have so much to be grateful for in our lives. Now onto Christmas!

These are some pictures that I had forgotten about, but just had to post them for Nana and Meme. We went to this little farm that had some cute little activities for kids. Daxton LOVED it... probably because he was with his Nana. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ready for another Halloween post gushing about how darling the kids were in their costumes?OK!!!

I didn't know if Daxton would catch on to the whole Halloween thing this year, but he did..... QUICKLY, especially when all he had to do was hold out his bucket and people would give him candy! But boy howdy, we have a lot of candy now... especially suckers, Daxtons candy of choice. He was quite the little tiger. We have been practicing his growl for months now, but do you think he growled for one single person? NO. He clams up around people. :)

Our street had a little party and it included hayrides for all the little kiddies. Ella and Maddie were able to come and they had a blast!

Ready to trick or treat for the first time!!!!

We also had a ward trunk or treat. Daxton is a tiger, Bodie is a monkey, I am a zebra, and Landon was the zoo keeper. I figure I probably only have a few good years where I can dress my family up in "themes" before the boys start begging to be superheros, so I am going to make the most of it!

Cutest little monkey I have ever seen!!!

In their Halloweenie jammies. Cute, cute boys.

What do you do with all your kids' candy??? Let them eat it.... you eat it.... hide it.... throw it away?????

Three Months

Ummmm, where in the heck did October go and how in the world is my BABY already 3 months old????!!!!!! Kinda freaking out here! We were in Hawaii for the first two weeks of October and since we have been back we have been super busy so I feel like October never existed. Good thing I have this little munchkin to help me keep track of time.

Yup, three months old and his cheeks are getting chubbier every single day! He has had a nasty ear infection in both ears, but is starting to return to his happy little self. Unfortunately, sleeping thrrough the night has been compropised. SAD. Hopefully he will get back to his old ways soon. I am not feeding him, but he waking up a couple of times. He is starting to babble a lot and blow bubbles! Cutie patootie.... it looks like he wants to eat you in this picture!

Look, I can lift up my big noggin! He is starting to roll from front to back a lot. Of course it is not on purpose, but still I am a proud momma.

We just adore our little monkey! Happy three months little guy!