Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BIG Changes

I am in denial. My little baby and first born is growing up and to tell you the honest truth, I don't really like it. I had been putting off this day for a LONG time, but he was ready and I was being selfish. He would have been fine in his crib until he graduated from High School, but his little brother decided to start standing up and needed the big crib. I was also really nervous that he would be up in the night wandering around and break his neck falling down the stairs, but I have been pleasantly suprised! He does NOT leave that bed. Infact, I don't think he moves all night long. When he wakes up he just sits in his bed saying, "Mama, are you?" and holds his little sleeping buddies until I come and get him. I love my little guy, like seriously he is the awesomest little boy EVER. He loves being a big boy and is getting so independent. I am proud of him every day.

Monday, May 14, 2012

9 Months

I better blog about Bodie's 9th month before it is over! This litte fellow is BUSY!!!! He started crawling this month so he is mobile now, yikes. I remember how hard it was when Daxton started crawling because you just have to watch their every little move...... and make sure to vacuum. He isn't too fast yet but he is actually a lot happier now that he can get around and entertain himself. He mosty just follows Daxton everywhere! These two have so much fun together. Daxton can make Bodie giggle like nobody else! Bodie went in for his nine month appointment and weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs. (14th percentile) and 28 inces long (50th percentile). He is almost exactly the same size as Daxton at this age. I really love this age! Bodie is a fiesty little thing! He lets it be known when he needs or wants something. He is sleeping and eating like a champ, well except for the 6AM wake ups. Seriously, as much as I love summer I dread those early wake ups! I am slowly becoming a zombie.

What a dapper little dude! He has been giving me this goofy grin for pictres lately, but I can't help but think it is ADORABLE! Daxton is turning into a big boy right before my eyes. He is talking so well and say the funniest little things! I need to write then down! He is loving nursery and playing with his friends, playing outside, working with dad, and is just my best little buddy.

When we went in for Bodie's 9 month appointment they took a little bit of blood and tested his iron (typical for this age). It came back really high which can cause heart problems later in life. They wanted to get more blood work to make sure and were thinking that the first test they did might have been wrong and the maching read it wrong. We went in to the hospital lab and they had to stick his little arms which was totally devastating for him....... and me. He did great and was so brave. Well turns out he is JUST FINE!!! WAHOOOOOO. It is just sickening to know that something might be wrong with your child, even something small like this. I am really grateful that everything is okay.

Happy 7th anniversary to us! I seriously have the best guy..... sorry ladies. He is the best husband and father and I have loved our seven years together. Here is to MANY more! And yes, I am aware that we both look sickly in this picture. It was late okay?

Daxton has been OBSESSED with hummus lately! I am actually really proud of him for trying new things and not being a picky eater which is not an easy feat for a toddler. In fact, his favorite foods are cucumbers, cantelope, strawberries, olives, mushrooms, hummus, aaaaaand ice cream!

And Happy Mothers Day! My boys let me sleep in, which would be great if I could actually sleep in. I am like my boys and wake up with the sun. Anyway, I got to lay in bed for an extra little while. I came down and the boys suprised me with this tent (below). It is a half dome tent and is super easy to put up and take down. I have had my eye on this to use during the summer at the park, pool, and camping. They made me breakfast, spoiled me with their sweet kisses, and made me my favorite red velvet cake. I love being their mom. There were many many days where I wondered if I would be able to have kids so to have these two little monkeys is pretty specacular. I can't even explain the happiness that being a mom brings me. Not going to lie, it is a LOT of work keeping up with these two busy little boys, but I wouldn't change a thing. Okay maybe one thing: LOTS more hugs, kisses, and snuggles, and maybe an occasional morning where they sleep past 6. That's it though.