Thursday, July 26, 2012


I wish I could count how many times Daxton said, "Dada, I wuv campin!" So according to the two year old camping was a raving success.

We camped up American Fork Canyon at the base of Mt. Timpanogas. It was beautiful and amazing. I was a tad (ok, a lot) nervous about camping with a baby who can't walk and is a picky sleeper, BUT he amazing!!!! He loved it and was such a good boy. I just love him. This was about how dirty he was the whole time. I wonder how much dirt he ate? Maybe it is better if I don't know....

I got  Landon a camping hammock for Fathers Day and we couldn't wait to try it out. Our camping spot had the PERFECT spot in between a grove of aspen in hang it. It was a little slice of heaven!

Daxton was SUCH a daddy's boy on this trip. He would not leave his side! It was cute to see him want to be like his Daddy, I wouldn't have it any other way! In fact, he would not give me the time of day! Daxton saw a mama and baby moose, Bambi (a big buck), horsies, and lots of chipmunks. He did not want to go home!

The Patten's, some good friends of ours, drove up and had a weenie roast with us. Our kiddies have a blast together and it was a fun evening.

I can't wait to make lots of memories camping with my family and this was an awesome start!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So we had an AWESOME holiday!!!!! We usually travel to see family for holidays, but now with little kiddos it is so much harder! We love staying home and celebrates with our wonderful neighbors/great friends. Our street has a little party which is so fun every year. We live in a culdesac so we pretty much block it off and party till the sun goes down! The kids all decorate their bikes, scooters, cars, etc. and we have a parade. ADORABLE. Seriously we have the cutest kids on our street. Daxton is getting so big and independent (stubborn) and wanted to ride his bike all by himself! We had a big BBQ and finished off with some fireworks. We are so lucky/blessed to live where we do and have such great neighbors and friends. See the cloud of smoke in the background? Oh, just another fire here in UT. Because of this fire our 4th plans were kind of ruined. We were going to go to a little lake up American Fork Canyon but they closed it all down so we had to change our plans. Luckily, here in these parts we have a plethera of lakes for our trusty canoe! 

We ended up at Mirror Lake in the high Uintas (past Heber) for the actual 4th of July. WOW! It was sooo beautiful and it was so fun to go somewhere we haven't been before. We took two families from our street and it was amazing! We had a blast. The lake was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and the kids had a BLAST. Daxton didn't get a nap (for the first time in his whole little life) and he did awesome. He just wandered freely with the other kids, played in the water, and LOVED the canoe. He is so awesome! He fell asleep within 30 seconds of being in the car so that pretty much means he had the best day ever. We stopped for the all american cheeseburger and shakes dinner and called it a night with some AWESOME fireworks on the street. We couldn't have asked for a better day!