Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween


Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, and the cutest electric guitar on the face of the earth!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 months

Well, on to 11 months now with my blogging slackerness! My little man ain't so little anymore. We traveled all weekend and visited with lots of family with the same age little boys and it made me realize how big Daxton is getting... and how I love that he only has one tooth instead of a mouthful and that he isn't walking yet and so many other things because that means he can still be my baby and not a big boy!

We had to get a gate to trap this busy boy! I didn't want to find a broken little body at the bottom of my stairs.... sorry that was a little gory. The thing is.... he LOVES the gate. He b-lines it for the stairs even more now so he can play with it. He loves to shake it, lean backwards holding on with only one hand (scary), and yell down the stairwell to hear his echo. It's pretty cute and totally creating a false sense of security...... ohwell.

He is IMPOSSIBLE to get to smile for the camera anymore. He is all smiles all the time and then the camera comes out and he becomes all serious. He's still dang cute though.

We went to a cute little pumpkin patch this year.

Sorry for the nakedness, well not really because I know NOTHING is better than a nakey baby! Daxton loves loves loves to be nakey. The second we take his clothes off he flips over and starts panting like a dog and crawling really really fast in circles. So strange. See the pen in the picture? Well that is one of his new friends. Everyday or a couple times a day he finds something that he thinks is really interesting and totes it ALL over the house. If you try and take it away it can be pretty devastating! This day it happened to be the pen, tonight it was the baby monitor, sometimes it is even just his sock. I'm tellin ya... this kid has silly written all over him. He is just SOOOOO busy and so full of it...... but i love every second. He is the happiest little boy. There is not hardly anything that really upsets him. He is so indepenent and curious. He is NOT a mama's boy.... He loves me tons, but loves everybody else too. This little boy is seriously special!

Some other things that he is up to:

He claps, dances, and waves byebye all the whole day long. He never stops. He even danced the whole way through the ward choir performance which was like the most mellow song EVER.

He is starting to shake his little (actually kinda big) head and try to say no no.

He is starting to mimic all sorts of noises.... i mean all sorts so be careful what you "do" around him. Tonight someone (won't mention who) belched loudly and Daxton followed with a very similar sound! What a funny kid.

He is such a boy and totally giggles when anybody burps or toots.

He is getting mightly sassy these days. He swats me away when he doesn't like what i am doing, saying, or feeding him. He has such a mind of his own!

He is the sweetest little boy on the planet. Lately, he has been wanting to cuddle after his naps. This is a really new development and one that i am super pleased with! I love his snuggles and wet kisses.