Sunday, February 28, 2010

Congrats to my Ashley on their precious little Addison. We are already in the process of arranging the marriage between her and Daxton. Perfect huh? Love you Rees family!


Congrats to my Ashley on their new little one! Addison Rees. Aint she sweet? We are already arranging the marriage between her and Daxton. Love you guys!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

2 Months!

I can't believe our little man in 2 months old! It is so bittersweet to see them get older and so big. I miss how little and and snuggly he was and at the same time can't wait for future milestones like giggling, crawling, etc. Either way, i am SO enjoying right now! Little facts about Daxton right now:

He is in the 30% for weight. (11lbs exactly).

He is in the 70% for height. (231/2 inches long).

His head is in the 70%. Ekkkk. He so got my huge head (which thank you very much was in the 110% by the time i was one)

He is SO smiley and makes lots of cooing noises, which we LOVE.

His hair is growing back so fast and is going to be kinda dark!

He found his hands and is sucking on them 90% of the day.

He is the wiggliest little man on earth, i am sure of it.

He is NOT sleeping through the night, but only getting up once. boo. Hopefully soon.

He is just so special to us! He did so good getting his shots today.... cried real tears for the first time. Heartbreaking. We are lucky to have such a special little one (not to mention, TOTALLY adorable) on our hands.


Even after the trauma of shots, we can still get a little happy grin outta him.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our First Vacation!

We hit the road for the first time as a family... off to the Land of Enchantment (aka. New Mexico)! Landon went hunting with his brother, uncle, and dad and the girls stayed home to mom the kids and shop to our hearts desires. This was the first time we have travelled with Daxton and i was just a tad nervous, but everything went pretty well, besides a small little trip to Urgent Care and some sickly little ones. We made it home though in one piece and are so glad we got to go! Here are some snapshots from along the way!

First of all, Landon's brother shot a HUGE Oryx, the animal that Landon shot last year and is currently hanging on our wall. He has never hunted big game before and this one is SO big it is probably among the top 20 the state of NM has ever recorded. GO STANTON!

This is little miss Claudia, his cousin. She is one of a kind and already loves my little one.

Just chillin with Nana Terisha and Grandma Jayne... the ultimate baby whisperers.

Auntie Mimi finally got to meet Daxton and his cousin Taylor. They are only a little over 3 weeks apart so hopefully they grow up to best buddies. Megan is the best aunt... as a mom you couldn't ask for better and it is so fun to see the people you love, love your kids so much. Don't you love their little scowls? So cute. Little Taylor is such a chunk and has the yummiest little rolls! You could just eat him. I never realized how yellow Daxton is! Oh well.

Nana Terisha, Mimi and all the cousins make a rucus, but we really had a blast besides my crying child. I thought he was mellow until i met Taylor! Daxton is such a wiggle worm and has a tiny bit of a fiesty personality. That is gonna make for some awesome terrible two's and teenage years. Yeah me.

I can't help by think he is just the cutest thing ever! Can you see all the hair growing on his head! It seems to grow an inch a day and i am SO glad! Man i have a cutie on my hands.

Today we also found out that Daxton has silent acid reflux, which is funny because it is all but silent! I don't know much about it, but he cries and cries everytime he eats(nurses) and it has been a little bit of a challenge for me. I would have switched to formula by now (not that that would help matters) if he had any interest, but nay. I don't blame him though... it smells and tastes pretty nasty. Does anybody have any tips or ideas for me on how to get him to eat a little better and cut out the screaming? They gave me an RX (Prevacid) and we are REALLY keeping our fingers crossed it will help. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Future #1 Fan

We are starting him off young as a sports fan! This was kind of a sports week for us. We got him all gussied up and watched the super bowl with the Andrews (my sis).... go Saints! He looks so old in this picutre i can't stand it! He is growing up so fast already...... now when will he start sleeping through the nights???? SOON.... PLEASE.

The company that Landon works for has a suite at the Jazz games and when nobody is using it they offer it to the employees. This time they invited all the estimators so we thought it was time to indroduce Daxton to the JAZZ! I totally forgot how loud the games were... wow. He probably has some hearing damage, but we sure had fun on our little outing. And yes, he did fall asleep... how???? i have NO idea.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just another wonderful day

Boy do we have fun around here! :)It's actually pretty quiet still... do they EVER wake up... geez louise. They do and i am sure i will be wishing i could go back to when they slept a little more! I don't have much to post about, but have gotten some picture requests so here ya go!

He loves tummy time so much that he usually falls asleep instead of exersising his muscles! Oh well... he will figure it out eventually. In fact, if he is being fusy we put him on his tummy and he pipes right down. Love the star on the but.... so cute.

Just practicing patty cake... he is throwing they way high! SO smart. :)

I just love this picture. My little old man. Don't even worry.... peach fuzz is starting to grow back in... HORRAY!!! The bald old man look is really starting to grow on me though. I might have to trim up the back a little... it is awfully mulletish.

I have been making some beanies for his little bald head... what a cutie, my little burrito man.

Yep, you are witnessing his first smile!!!! Okay, not really, but it was right before this. He wouldn't hold still so this is the best i could get. I know it's a little silly, but it made me cry to see my little one reach this tiny milestone. So precious. I can't wait for more smiling and giggling... it just melts my little heart.

I need a tan, yeah? Going to our first party! He was so good and slept the whole time. I don't want to jinx anything, but this kid is a rockstart sleeper so far.

He LOVES LOVES LOVES to snuggle up on Landon's shoulder and just look around. We have got ourselves a snugglebug. You can really see the mullet good in this one. So stylish at such a young age. :)

So yeah, our lives are filled with excitement for sure! Begging for smiles, baths, tummy time, etc. We love our scrawny little fella.