Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun with the other Sherwoods

We love it when Landon's family comes to visit! His brother Stanton and his cute family came and we had so much fun! We just pack our days full of shopping, playing, and eating!

This is just a random picture of Daxton and Dad playing with the new beloved soccer ball! Look at that kicking form.... we have a future athlete on our hands!

We visited City Creek in downtown SLC and it was AMAZING! We spent a good hour at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory eating way too many carmel apples and candy. The kids all got to pick out a toy at the Disney store, which was insanely busy, but fun. We shopped until we dropped and it was great!

 Nordstrom had a cute little playhouse that we stopped at for a little break. Taylor and Daxton had so much fun exploring. These two are SO cute together!


We love you Stanton, Carly, Brock, Claudia, Estelle, and Taylor! Come visit again SOON!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bodie @ 8 Months

My littlest munchkin is 8 months old! It was a busy month for this boy. He sprouted his first four teeth all in one month! Poor fellow, he hasn't loved it. Growing teeth is such a hard thing! He is not crawling or anything yet, but he is such a little rolly poly. He rolls to get places and is trying really hard to get up on his knees. He is getting so much stronger everyday and will be crawling before we know it. With all the teeth growing he hasn't been eating that well, but when he feels like it he is getting really good at feeding himself. It makes him seem so old! He is such a funny little boy. He has started clapping, waving byebye, nodding yes, shaking his head no, and claps his little feet together. He loves to giggle, is happy all the time, and loves attentiion. Daxton is his best buddy. They are so cute together, it makes my heart happy to see them interact! Love my little boys!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

I am right on the ball posting about Easter this year! Okay, I am mostly on the ball because these little boys have grandparents that want to see them in their cute little Easter outfits! Love my cute little guys.... so handsome!