Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What we have been up to.....

It has been a weird winter. No snow, major inversions, warmish days. Nonetheless, it is STILL winter and we have been feeling bored and cooped up. This is what we do to take up our days.

Snuggle with daddy.

Play Just Dance 3. Don't let Landon fool you.... he kicks my dancing behind at this game.

Play at Kangaroo Zoo for Emrie's birthday. Daxton is a daredevil. He LOVES the big adult slides that shoot you down at the speed of light. It makes me laugh because once upon a time I used to be like that.... an now I am afraid of everything. :)

Hang out with my sistas.

What the??? Daxton is SO silly these days. He love to wear hats, any hat, around all day. He is obbsessed with his little cows that came with his tractor, and would DIE if he lost his little key that he holds ALL day (it's an old mailbox key on a key ring). He makes me laugh so hard with all the little things he loves and what keeps him entertained.

Play in the 2 inches of snow we have gotten all winter.

Go to church. So handsome.

Play at home in our slippers..... lots of slipper days! And watch Lion King..... or "wion kin" at our house. He thinks he is "imba" (Simba) now and growls all the time.

Ride bikes and scooters in the garage.

And yes folks..... POTTY TRAIN! Daxton suprises me every day how big and smart and old he is. He caught on to potty training in almost no time. I am so proud of him. We are still working on it, but he is doing awesome! He has to have book "like dada."

6 Months

Welp, it's official. My little Bo is 6 months old! I can't believe it. This little munchkin keeps us on our toes but he is also a little slice of heaven. He has the warmest, friendliest, yummiest smile on earth! He is so goofy and loves to giggle, smile, and squeal. We love his deep voice, happy dark brown eyes, and huge kissable lips.... his soft cheeks aren't too bad either! He is also a tad lazy (compared to Daxton). At 6 months Daxton was starting to crawl, sat well, rolled all over, etc. Well Bodie, he doesn't do ANY of that! He has rolled twice, but he doesn't act interested in doing it again. He is sitting well, but still usually ends up with carpet burn on his face. Crawl.... yeah right! I can't keep the little guy on his tummy for like 5 seconds. The past couple of days Bodie pretty much screams his little head off when I leave his sight.... awesome. Don't love that. Oh well! He eats like a champ and loves pretty much anything I feed him, except peaches. He weighs in at 16.5 lbs. (31%) and 27 inches (71%). Here is what we have been up to lately!

Doesn't he look like a little turtle? Skinny little neck and round ol' head. This pic sorta cracks me up! It is close to impossible to get a picture of them both smiling. So we usually settle for something like this.

Daddy time is the BEST time. I love how both boys just about worship the ground their dad walks on. I know I do.

This is the very first time he rolled. I totally missed it too! Sad day. I was eating breakfast and went to look at him because he was fussing and looky there- on his tummy!

Bodie LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEESSSSSSSS Daxton. Daxton really is such an awesome big brother and I am so proud of him and how he treats Bodie and always wants to include him. I can only hope they stay so close and care for each other so much.

Love you little BodieBo. You make our home such a happy place. Now, start sleeping better OK?