Thursday, November 29, 2012


So, because of my blogging slackerness this is a LONG post. Stay with me people!! We had such a fun fall. Last year we were in Hawaii for pretty much the whole month of October (I know, rough life right), well actually I really missed the fall and was glad to be home to enjoy it this year. Daxton is old enough this year to get excited about season and holidays so it was fun to pump it up for him. He was OBSESSED with riding ponies! Sometimes he can be so shy and then other times he suprises me and is so independent and outgoing. He would just walk right up to the pony and ride all by himself like he was this big tough boy (on a little tiny horse). So proud!

Okay, enough of the pumpkin farm pictures! Sheesh. Doesn't Bodie look so big and grown up! Well, he is! He went straight from crawling to running and is into EVERYTHING. We have our hands full with this little one, holy moly. He is the sweetest, cutest little guy one day and the next he can throw the mosterous tantrum ever. How fun! No really, he is wonderful. He is so fun and we love him to death.

Um, Daxton loves cucumbers. I just had to put this on here because it is hilarious! He eats carrots like this too. Weird child. Daxton is the cutest little boy, a little partial here, but really he is a heart melter. He is starting to say the funniest stuff! We love it. I will start writing them down and sharing them because he is a crack up.

Happy Halloween! Like a month and a half ago. Since Bodie didn't make any costume requests this year I decided to go with a theme. I know I will only be able to do a few more year, if that, so when Daxton was insistent about being Buzz Lightyear I went on a search for something else Toy Story. Well, baby Woody costumes are UGLY so we nixed that. Then I came across this little gem for Bodie. A baby Rex costume! They were the cutest! (Partial again).

Daxtons first snowman! This kid was PUMPED about the snow and building a snowman. He checked on it every day and was devastated when it melted.

Daxton has also been building temples with his blocks every chance he gets. Can't help but think that is pretty awesome.

Hope you all had a great fall and Thanksgiving. Maybe by New Years I will get around to Thanksgiving pictures. I might as well wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the update and all the cute pics of the cutest little boys ever!

Lauren said...

Ha ha Merry Christmas! I hadn't heard about the block temples... love it.