Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little Snippets

I LOVE December. And I really extra love Christmas. I love what it is about, the Savior and his birth and life. I love that we make every excuse possible to spend time with family and good friends. I love giving and recieving gifts (yup, I sure do). I love teaching my little nuggets about it all and seeing it click. Bodie is too little to understand this year, but Daxton? He CANNOT get enough. He loves to talk about Baby Jesus and Santa and reindeer and Buddy (our Elf) etc. etc. It is so cute! This is Buddy's first year at our house and it has been pretty fun. He can find him within seconds of waking up and just laughs all day at the crazy stuff he does. It is going to be a fun little tradition.
My little boys clearly have a hard time in the genuine smile department.

Daxton went to his cousins princess birthday party at the beginning of the month. We didn't have a Prince Charming costume on hand so he decided he wanted to wear his Buzz costume. Fit RIGHT in! Okay, not really, but it was cute anyway.

And check out this treasure! Landon's work party had an ugly christmas sweater party theme this year. I knew who to ask right away.... my mother in law! She had this one from years ago, and get this, she has a matching toddlers girls one! Let's just say it was a smash hit!
While Bodie is still sleeping in the afternoon Daxton and I have been crafting. He is finally to the age where he can focus for longer than 5 seconds. Here he is making a polar bear for the letter P (but he think that every letter is G so sometimes I wonder why I even try!)

Here is Buddy roasting a marshmellow over a fire. He thinks that Buddy is HILARIOUS.... (little does he know it's his parents that are the knee slappers)

We went to visit the Reindeer at Thanksgiving Point. It has become a fun little tradition. I feel so bad for the poor reindeer all soaking wet and laying in the snow.... but I guess it is their natural habitat, right? The boys loved it as expected. They love anything with antlers, especially Daxton. Daxton has been so funny lately. He is obsessssssssssed with bucks, hunting, guns, roping, trucks, camping, etc. He carries this little buck around all over the house and can't wait to get a shotgun for his birthday! I kinda love it actually.

There is that RARE moment when you capture a good picture with a normal smile! These next two I actually caught right in a row and was so excited! I know.... the simple pleasures right? Well I was excited because my boys have smile issues (for the camera that is) so these pictures are treasures!!!!

MMMMM, these boys are SOOOO yummy. We love them and they are the light of our lives, truly. We hope you all have the best holiday season and remember the true meaning. Love you all!


(me)linda said...

Those pics are little gems! So so cute! This post made me happy. I just love ya and your little fam too.

Adam&Rachel said...

cutest little boys :)