Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daxton's 3rd birthday!

I am one day short of a month late posting about this, so that pretty much means I am RIGHT on schedule! I cannot believe my little baby is 3. I am not totally sold on the fact that getting older is good. I would freeze him right now, he is that precious. I love to see him grow into his personality and develop real interests and talents. For starters, he is such a loving little boy and has an amazing temperment (gets that from his dad). Sometimes when I get frustrated with him for some silly reason he will just come up and hug me or interupt me by saying, "Mama, I love you!" Then I melt with sweetness, forget why I was discipling him, and we move on with our day. So maybe, he is just smart! He has a way of calming us all with humor and sweetness. He is a wonderful big brother. I know it must be hard for him to always form to Bodie (who has a pretty demanding personality), but he does it with ease. He is so creative and funny! He makes us laugh every day.... a lot! His favorite things right now are cowboys, cows, horses, cowboy boots, roping, basketball, football, golf, shooting his toy guns, and shooting his bow and arrow. You should see his bow and arrow skills..... it would shock you how good he is! You would think he is a ranchers kid! Oh my sweet Daxton, we love you to bits and pieces. I wouldn't change a thing about you..... please always stay sweet and innocent.
Here he is playing with his cow hauler semi-truck. See, ranchers kid.

He begged for months for a Buzz party. So..... ask and you shall recieve.


Maddie and Ella are among his favorite people in the whole entire world.

The future world class hunter himself. He wants to be just like his dad, and it is dang cute! He CANNOT wait until I let him go hunting with dad.

"There's a snake in my boot!"

We love you little Buddy. Happy Birthday!

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